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Borderlands Restoration L3C (BR), the first limited-profit social enterprise incorporated in Arizona, was created to address threats to the ecological and social integrity of the borderlands region. BR is building a marketing and distribution platform (marketplace) that enables environmentally & socially concerned citizens to easily effect positive change through the purchase of one of Borderlands Restoration L3C  co-branded products and services. These products & services support local communities & organizations striving to transition from extractive, unsustainable economies to a restoration economy* that creates jobs, combats climate change, sources sustainably, while supporting the rich cultures and restoring the amazing biodiversity of the borderlands region. Our role in creating a marketplace is to provide marketing, sales, and distribution services to organizations and individuals offering sustainably produced products and services. By purchasing our products, customers directly supporting these efforts and enable change to a sustainable, climate adaptive, decarbonized economy. 

Borderlands Restoration L3C  achieves these goals in two ways.

  • For consumers, enabling choice to effect change through their purchasing power.
  • For producers, being a channel for sustainably produced goods and services, verifying to the greatest practical degree that products and services have no or minimal environmental impact, while telling the unique stories behind each product and service. 

Our success depends on listening to and working with local community experts, craftspeople, and entrepreneurs to ensure that their fresh ideas find a market and become commercially viable.  Our marketplace is often their first link to people like you.

Our vision

Is to strengthen the Borderlands Restoration Network and allied organization’s regional impact, name recognition, expert reputation, and contributions to large-scale ecological restoration, climate resilience, and transition the Southwest US and Northern Sonora & Chihuahua to a restoration economy

Marketplace & more

Not only do we want to link you to sustainable suppliers & services, but we also try to minimize our carbon footprint in green packaging and low-carbon delivery options. We have a broad range of products and services continually coming online – native plants & native seeds, climate adaptive Mesquite flour, pollinator friendly plants, xeriscape & pollinator landscape design, sustainable mezcals like Sotol and Bacanora, carbon positive ecotourism travel experiences, soil and blue carbon programs, and much more.

Be part of the Change

as we engage increasing numbers of landowners, land managers, and communities in more sustainable practices; increase sources of revenue for continued large-scale ecological restoration through product & service sales; increase the number of friends and supporters for the network; and  increase income and provide better livelihoods.

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