Carbon Positive Ecotravel in the borderlands region of Sonora and Chihuahua

As part of our restoration economy philosophy, we believe tourism can positively impact the borderlands region. By dispelling some of the misconceptions, giving local communities alternatives to regional violence, and adding value to conservation, we see sustainable tourism as a key effort in our restoration economy portfolio. This will be accomplished by working collaboratively to create a region that will provide safe, high-quality sustainable tourism experiences, protect the natural and cultural attributes of the region, and create healthy and resilient communities on both sides of the border. Achievement of this goal will ultimately reduce threats, effectively manage visitor impacts, and create financial benefits and management capacity for local communities and natural & cultural protected areas.

Climate Positive Travel Experiences

In the post-pandemic world, a different travel market is emerging. Besides basic hygiene, travelers are re-evaluating certain destinations, and modes of travel based on potential disease transmission. We also believe that travelers will be increasingly concerned with their travel carbon footprint. We have a bold vision to not only off-set each traveler’s carbon footprint with our itineraries, but through large-scale ecological restoration financed by each ecotraveler, we not only off-set but contribute significantly more through soil and blue carbon sequestration. This is an example of what we mean by our tag line “Be part of the Change!”. Through our climate positive ecotravel, you can become a participant in the decarbonized economy and effecting change through your travel preference.

We will slowly be building our travel portfolio. Each itinerary supports local livelihoods and creates and/or finances opportunities in the borderlands restoration economy. Besides all the back-loaded benefits, these are unique travel experiences, connecting you to local people, in places with some of the highest biodiversity in the Northern Hemisphere. We invite you to experience the borderlands for life-changing travel experience in an amazingly culturally and biologically diverse region!

Departure dates are on hold. We are hoping to be able to offer Fall 2020 departures but that is yet to be determined. We have one itinerary ready for Chihuahua and one for Sonora. As mentioned, we will be building our portfolio and we are always open to designing custom trips for individuals and families, and corporate retreats.

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