Consulting Services for the Restoration Economy and a Sustainable Future

We want you to be part of the change! We collaborate with a wide range of experts on both sides of the border who all support the creation of the borderlands restoration economy. From finding that perfect plant for your backyard to site designs for restoring golf courses to their native habitat, we can put together a team to help you. We have experience in bringing a wide variety of products and services to market. As society adapts to the many challenges, we can offer adaptive and key services to help you identify and create new opportunities that are good for the planet and based on a sustainable business model.

Life is an interconnected web. We’ve learned that stand alone projects have a much higher probability of success if we integrate value added activities which we call additional or secondary benefits. Our team will focus on the primary task at hand, but our additional value we bring to each project is our collective decades of experience.

Our consulting services focuses on:

  • Native plant materials and ecological restoration, our site design consulting works with individual homeowners or larger scale developers and products.
  • Large-scale arid lands riparian area restoration and bringing free-flowing water to dry arroyos.
  • Working with ranchers and how to restore and enhance productive landscapes.
  • Permaculture and soil improvement.
  • Engaging youth with job skills for the restoration economy.
  • Protecting key wildlife corridors linking the US and Mexico.
  • Carbon sequestration strategies on arid lands.
  • Using ecotourism as a conservation tool, to combat regional violence, and improving livelihoods.
  • Climate positive travel experiences – infrastructure design.
  • Public use planning incorporating ecosystem services.
  • Blue and soil carbon projects in both US and Mexico.
  • Working with rural communities and indigenous communities to identify and develop appropriate technologies and livelihoods.

Our philosophy is to look at opportunities holistically and, first deliver on the primary objective, but secondly, look at a host of additional or secondary benefits from natural products like mesquite flour or markets for sequestered carbon on restored landscapes. We try to maximize conservation & restoration value while creating restoration economy livelihoods.

When we see an exciting opportunity that contributes to the development of the restoration economy we first focus on developing local capacity, then assist in identifying and developing linkages to a specific market segment or multiple segments and connect this to creating resilient communities through a host of potential secondary/additional benefits. Each opportunity is unique, and we look to maximize benefits. Our holistic approach harnesses the traditional knowledge and connected landscapes of the borderlands area.

Sustainable Tourism Planning - Trail design, contruction, & maintenance - public use plans - infrastructure & ecolodges

Native Plant Landscape Design Consulting

To support diverse habitats, to restore the land, and to attract native pollinators

Sustainable Tourism Planning - Trail design, contruction, & maintenance - public use plans - infrastructure & ecolodges

Climate Positive Sustainable Tourism Planning and Ecolodge Development

Borderlands Restoration L3C climate positive sustainable tourism planning, public use planning and infrastructure-Ecolodge development

BR Consulting Services - large scale ecological restoration in Sonora

Ecological Restoration and Creating Carbon Credits for the Voluntary Carbon Market

This area has tremendous potential to link improving ecosystem services to sustainable livelihoods.

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