Borderlands Restoration L3C

Was created to link concerned citizens in the borderlands area of Arizona, Sonora & Chihuahua to sustainable goods & services

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Greetings and welcome!

This is our humble beginning as we strive to join a growing number of businesses working to implement a new economic model for the human race. Our mission is bold – move from an extractive, unsustainable economic model to a community centric, sustainable, decarbonized future. We believe that our marketplace is the first step in engaging like-minded people on both sides of the US-Mexico border. Simple steps, like planting restoration quality plants and seeds instead of genetically modified, toxic plants from big box stores have huge positive impacts on native pollinators for example. As we strive to add new products that have big positive impacts for people and the planet, we need your help. Visit us regularly, sign up for updates, be selective of how you spend your money, be part of the change!


We want to find ways to keep our products available and your gardens full while protecting everyone’s health. To purchase native plants and seeds, and continue to support our mission and our partner, Borderlands Restoration Network and their Native Plant Materials Program Click Here


Butterfly weed

Native Plants & Seeds

Help restore natural habitats by planting native plants and seeds collected and curated by our partner, Borderlands Restoration Network.

Consulting Services

Borderlands Restoration L3C Consulting Services – harnessing decades of experience in the US – Mexico borderlands region creating the restoration economy.

Sustainable tourism planning
Carbon gabion

Soil and Blue Carbon

Soil and Blue Carbon capture and storage in arid lands and coastal areas through large scale ecological restoration. A path to a de-carbonized economy.

Ecotourism Experiences

Ecotourism Experiences – carbon positive ecotravel in Sonora and Chihuahua through ecological restoration financed by each ecotraveler.

Ecotourism Experiences
Bat & Agave BRN Racerback Tanktop

Other products that support the restoration economy

Check back often – we have a number of products in the pipeline.


Redesigning Economics based on Ecology

Redesigning Economics based on Ecology

“To make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” — R. Buckminster Fuller Much of our day-to-day behaviour and cultural activity is structurally...

Weavers in the Age of Restoration

Weavers in the Age of Restoration

The Beginnings of an Ecological And Social Renaissance I recently read a much needed uplifting opinion piece by David Brooks titled “A Nation of Weavers: The social renaissance is happening from the ground up.” In it, Brooks describes the societal epidemic of social...


Comcaac - Ecological Restoration - Blue Carbon

Comcaac, Mangrove and Seagrass Ecological Restoration, & Blue Carbon

Blue Carbon Capture & Climate Change Preparedness through Ecosystem Restoration in the Comcaac Indigenous Territory of the Gulf of California, Sonora, Mexico


As soon as we know we will let you know.